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Top 5 Things to Look for in a Professional Mirror Installer

December 13, 2023


Mirrors can transform a space and enhance a home or business. However, they can also break easily if not handled properly.

Choosing the right professional to hang your heavy mirror will ensure safety and security. Here are the top 5 things to look for: 

1. Experience

Mirrors in Diamond Creek are an essential decorating item that can help make a room look larger and add style. However, heavy wall-mounted mirrors can be dangerous if not properly hung. Choosing a professional for mirror installation helps ensure that your home improvement project is completed safely and correctly.

An experienced handyman can assess your mirrors and wall for damage, as well as determine the best hanging method based on the weight of the mirrors and your walls. They can choose from a variety of hanging solutions, including hooks or cleats, and will take into account your eye height and the placement of other furniture in the room when choosing where to hang a mirror. They will also use a level to ensure that the mirror is straight before leaving the jobsite.

Many homeowners try to save money by hanging their own mirrors, but incorrect mounting techniques can cause a heavy or even oversized mirror to fall from the wall. A professional handyman can avoid these common pitfalls, and use adhesives and L-channels that are better suited to different wall materials and mirror types.

2. Insurance

Mirrors can be used to enhance a room in various ways, including creating the illusion of space and increasing lighting. They also conceal imperfections in walls, such as uneven paint or dings. Whether you’re looking for a traditional frame, a full-wall mirror or something unique, your local glass professionals can help you find the perfect mirror for your home.

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A professional will assess your wall space and weight to determine the best mounting solution for your mirrors. They may use hooks, cleats or adhesive, depending on the size and installation location. They will also test for wall studs, which is crucial for a long-lasting, secure mount.

Hanging a large, cumbersome mirror takes skill. Trying to do it yourself can result in damaged mirrors and injury to yourself or others. A professional will ensure your new mirror is properly hung and secured to prevent any damage or injuries.

3. Detailed Estimate

Many glass & mirror fabricators fabricate custom-sized mirrors that require unique handling, storage and installation. Ask your potential installer to give you a detailed estimate that accounts for the size and style of mirror, its mounting method and any hardware required.

A good mirror fabricator will take the time to check the weight of your mirror and assess your walls to ensure they can support it. They’ll also confirm whether your mirror is frameless or framed, as the two have different hanging needs. Frameless mirrors are 1/4 inch thick and hung with 3/4’’ facing J channels top and bottom, while framed mirrors are thinner and have rough cut edges that must be framed on all four sides.

Your installer will also weigh the pros and cons of adhesive versus mounting hardware. Adhesive is more visually appealing since there are no unsightly brackets distracting from the mirror, but it’s not a permanent fix and can damage the wall behind the mirror if not removed properly. Ask your potential installer about their preferred method for hanging your mirror and to provide you with photos of their work for reference.

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4. Availability

Eltham Glass can help you for your mirror installation they have a variety of hanging methods at their disposal. They’ll take into account the weight of the mirror and the wall material to choose hooks, cleats or adhesive that’ll be more secure than simple DIY techniques.

Our company should also be able to help with other parts of the room, too. For instance, a well-placed entryway mirror can make it easier to get dressed and look at your outfit in the full light of day. Plus, a mirrored bathroom helps us all prepare for the day ahead—brushing teeth, styling hair, shaving and applying makeup.

A mirror installer can install framed, window- or wall-sized options or unique shapes. They can even add a touch of drama with decorative finial tops or curlicues. And, for maximum convenience, they can also provide a selection of hardware that ties into your existing fixtures like light switches and electrical outlets. That way, you don’t have to worry about ordering the right hardware and waiting for it to arrive before starting your project.

5. Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns, Contact Eltham Glass mirror installer will take the time to address them. They’ll also be able to advise you on what type of mirror will best suit your space. They can help you choose between a clip or adhesive install and will have the tools and equipment necessary to complete your task.

They’ll use a stud finder to identify and mark the location of any studs on your wall before hanging your mirrors. Then, they’ll ensure the screws securing your hooks are in a stud and will be able to support the weight of your mirrors over time.

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Depending on the thickness and style of your mirrors, you may need to have them anchored to the wall with screws or French cleat brackets. The glazier will make sure the area for the anchors is flat, free from bumps or cracks, and that the screws are at least 3-inches away from any cutouts for lighting fixture mounts (as these should be sealed to prevent moisture damage). They’ll also ensure your mirrors are securely hung using properly rated hooks and wire.

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